wavetable cooker

WaveTable designer for the Waldorf Blofeld Synthesizer

This application is a GPL licensed application that offer its user the possibility of generating a 64 windows wavetable and transmit it to one of the blofeld’s user’s wavetable.

Your blofeld must have the newest OS system installed (go to waldorf web site -> download .mid file -> transmit it via Spectre that you can also download there)
The application’s main interest is to offer the possibility of generating a brand new wavetable in a single mouse move, and to “draw” time domain or frequency domain changes. This is made using the “jump” function.

The interface consists in two drawable windows:
– a 128 points Time signal (the wave)
– a 64 bars magnitude phase analysis (Discrete Fourier Transform)

The draw functionality has interpolation implemented, so no point is forgotten when doing fast moves.
The normalize button automatically fits the wave amplitude, so no overflow occurs.
The “jump” feature will jump to the the next/previous wave, so you can “draw” a change in frequency and/or phase in a single mouse motion.
The phase and frequency “locks buttons” are there if you want to add the frequency you are clicking on, to the signal present in the current wave, or overwrite it (lock unselected).
You can also:
– generate usual (PWM, saw, triangle,…) and custom (Ctrl + C) waveforms
– generate morphing between two waveforms (frequency and phase linear interpolation)
– browse .wav files and scale it using keyboard keys F9 to F11. This feature is very experimental and impracticable so don’t expect too much. A future feature to implement would be a wave auto-splitter…but that’s a longer story! ;)

Sysex transmission of the whole 64 waves (this set is called a wavetable) is made by selecting the blofeld’s MIDI or usb connection via the MIDI output button. You may have to click several times to get the correct output (sorry for that) and push the SEND button.

available downloads:

download windows installer

Source code is provided and maybe some would find useful pieces of code for coding its own application. By the time I wrote this app (2 years ago) I only knew some C language so I jumped into the project just because I realized that was doable…not the best practice but I learned a lot from that and since. It’s supposed to compile and run for Windows but executable should also work within Linux using Wine software.
download source code

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